About the Counsellor

When I turned 12 years old, I realised that I was “different”. Trying to reconcile my sexuality with my faith (and especially with my family’s expectations and culture) was a very frustrating, confusing and difficult journey to say the least.  It took me years of soul searching and counselling to come to terms with my sexuality and accept that Allah loves us all regardless of whether we are straight or queer.

It was as a result of my personal struggle (jihad) that I have decided to become a Counsellor. As a Muslim counsellor, one of my aims is to support other people who identify as queer (especially Muslim Australians) and to assist them through their own journey.

                                                                                     ~Milad Faeeh

Please call 0491 105 111 for date and location or register below.

Funding for this Outreach and Social Support Program has been funded by the NSW Government.