The Queer Muslim Empowerment Workshop was conducted on the 21st to the 26th of July 2018. This workshop was a Suicide Prevention Initiative by Sydney Queer Muslims Inc in partnership with the LGBTI Health Alliance’s  LGBTI Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Project (MindOut).

Imam Muhsin Hendricks was invited to facilitate the Workshop.

Here are the video recordings and slides from those workshops that may help you in your journey to reconcile your faith with your orientation.


Understanding Hadiths

Imam Muhsin discusses the history of Hadiths and how to engage with Hadiths.

Queer People in the Golden Age of Islam

Imam Muhsin presents Queer Art and Literature that were prevalent in the 7th and 9th Century indicating the acceptance of Queer people during the Golden Age of Islam.

Stories of Prophet Lot

Imam Muhsin presents his research and analyses the verses from the Quran on the people of Lot.

A pre-recorded version of the presentation on the stories of Prophet Lot.

A Queer Imam and A Psychologist In Conversation

Sekneh Beckett interviews Imam Muhsin on his life and his journey.

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